Soul AstroLounge

  • Soul Gastrolounge (map)
  • 1500 b Central Avenue
  • Charlotte, NC, 28205
  • United States

This All-Hallows Eve we're jumping back to the future of the past, an era where space was filled with silver suits and little green men; a twinkle on mankind's tiny horizon.

Join us for a night of:

- Spaced-out cocktail creations

- Era inspired dinner features

- Cosmic Disco, Spacesynth, & Astrofunk with DJ Andy Kastanas & Dr. Mike

We're also awarding a $100 gift card to the best 50'-60s' themed space outfit, so dust off your old spacesuit and blast off with us!

A note about the music:

Cosmic Disco and Spacesynth and Astrofunk are dance genres born in the late 70's and early 80's that fused disco and house with sound elements of period scifi (laser guns, blips, computer sounds, etc. Go Daft Punk!) Most of it is now considered Italo-Disco: Italy's biggest contribution to dance music. DJs Dr. Mike and Andy K are the masters of this sound and along with deep house and nudisco, and will surely put you in orbit this Halloween!